Douglass Oeller Consulting, Inc.

About the Logo

After my first year of being self-employed I decided to celebrate the success of the company by commissioning a corporate logo.
The logo was designed by Siegfried Bruner of Misty Willow Design. I told Sig that I wanted a logo with the initials of the company and it should also include an anchor somewhere. Sailing is my favorite hobby.
When Sig showed me the logo I liked it immediately because the anchor is both obvious and subtle.
I liked it even more when Sig explained the deeper meaning:
“After our conversation, I knew that you were interested in a character- (text-) based logo. Blue, among other things, represents stability and wisdom, a good choice for a consultant. The characters are based upon a Swiss font, which is a very strong and stable font. I separated your initials from the “Consulting” initial to indicate your personal strength, a key factor in your customers' choice to seek your guidance. The three-dimensional effect simply adds to the sense of strength and stability. The anchor is symbolic; it could be an anchor (again, stability), a sword (willing to take on a challenge), a cross (grounded).”